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The contribution of horses (Equus caballus) to human health
Requirements, stresses and strains, selection, training, compensation and rectification

For a longer time, I occupy myself in my profession as a veterinarian, with the requirements and strains of horses (Equus caballus) used to contribute human health.

For the first time complex and interdisciplinary scientific investigations are made to draw conclusions from determined requirements and strains of so-called therapy horses in regard to an adequate selection and training as well as compensation of physical and psychic strains and rectification of these horses. Focusing the physical and psychic resources of horses as well, it becomes obvious, that a horse which received conventional training, compensation and rectification is neither adequately prepared for its task as a therapy horse, nor adequately escorted through its employment.

Therefore it is time now for hippologists and veterinarians to promote a justifiable use of horses for therapy purposes by suitable means having in mind not only the efficiency of the intervention, but also the safety of clients, therapists and horses as well as our responsibility towards the horse and animal welfare in general.

For a concept profitable for all participants, different, each other complementing modules are worked out. Based on an interdisciplinary exchange of know-how and interdisciplinary cooperation, the decisive elements of a comprehensive, targeted, requirement-oriented and horse-friendly training, compensation of the horse’s strains and rectification are outlined.


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Pferdegestützte Interventionen

Warum Pferdegestützte Interventionen? Dazu einen Blick auf die Mensch-Pferd-Beziehung:

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Dem Therapiepferd eine Stimme geben

Die Pferdegestützte Arbeit ohne geeignetes Therapiepferd ist unmöglich. Deshalb habe ich mich entschlossen, auch zum Wohl des Menschen, den Therapiepferden eine Stimme zu geben.


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